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February 2, 2018

Games couples can play to spice up their sex life

The one place where people have no qualms about being naughty and freaky is in their bedroom. There are many games couples can play together to spice up their sex life. For those who been in relationships for a long time, the games can be crucial. Most of those couples typically experience droughts and boredom. Doing the same things sexually each time can become monotonous and boring. The sex games are a way to keep the fire alive and sexual passions high.

Your brain plays a big part in sex and in games. Keep in mind that the human mind is the greatest sex organ you have. Stimulation typically begins in your head and leads you to feel excited and aroused. Foreplay is one of the things the games generally focus on. That’s because it is the beginning of the road to the final journey in ecstasy.

The Dirty Questions

In this game you can begin playing as you each lie down somewhere in the bedroom or on the couch. You then start to ask each other dirty questions. You both may feel a bit awkward at first when playing this. But, it could great fun and a way to get the fire started. Before long, a few questions – and the answers – may be enough to get the both of you hot and in the mood.

Tell Me Your Fantasy?

For this game you will need a pen, either a bowl, jar or a hat where you can put the small pieces of paper in. Each will take time to write down your fantasies. They could be about anything since they are your own sexual fantasies. Once done, you fold and place them into the item used to hold them in. Take turns picking one, reading them and then carrying them out. This game not only makes your sex better, it also brings you closer together.

Role Playing

Utilizing role playing to spice things up is something which has been done for a long time among couples. That’s because it works and everyone enjoys playing a role. Take time to become whatever you want. You can be a nurse and he can be your patient. Or he can be a doctor, boss or a fireman coming to rescue you. There are no limits to what role of characters each of you can play.

Strip Down Questions

Think of this game as strip poker except that it has a twist. The difference is that you don’t use a deck of cards. Instead, you ask your spouse a question. If he or she gets it wrong, they have to take off a piece of clothing. Some people do shots with each question to make it even hotter.

Twister Strip Down

You will need a Twister board game to play this one. You both play fully clothed and each time a person falls, they have to remove a piece of clothing.

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